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Whilst developing our Headlamp Adaptors (Eurolites), we carried out exhaustive tests on a wide range of adhesives to ensure our product would perform as reliably as possible. Headlamp Beam adaptation is a legal requirement and therefore our product needs to remain on the headlamps in all weathers and at all speeds! We needed to ensure the adaptors would work in; hot or cold, wet or dry, and sunny or snowy conditions. The adhesive also had to work on both glass and polycarbonate headlights.

Whilst our product has proven extremely reliable, inevitably there is a level of cleaning required when removing the product from the headlights. To assist with this, we specifically highlight the cleaning techniques on both the packaging card and the fitting instruction leaflet. However, we appreciate that occasionally extra information may be required either, when the adhesive residue has not been cleaned off the headlights upon return to the UK, or when the adaptors have been on the vehicle for an extended period of time. The additional information below has been split into two categories, so please select the one most appropriate to your requirements. We trust this information will allow you to clean your headlamps successfully, but please call if you have any queries.

1. ‘Soft and Sticky’ Glue residue:

When peeling the adaptors from the headlights the adhesive ‘carrier film’ is occasionally left behind. This also needs to be peeled off the headlamp before final cleaning can take place. Using an alcohol based cleaner (e.g. Meths or Neat windscreen wash, NOT White Spirit, Petrol, Nail Varnish remover, etc.), apply liberally to a cotton cloth (without spilling on vehicle’s the paintwork) and rub the glue area, to dissolve the surface glue, until you reveal the ‘ultra thin carrier film’. Then peel this film from the lens. This will leave a small amount of residue adhesive from under the film, which can easily be removed with a further application of cleaner.

2. ‘Baked-On’ Glue Residue:

If the Adaptors have been on the vehicle for a considerable length of time, or the adaptors have been removed, but the adhesive carrier film has not been cleaned off immediately, the glue residue can dry out and become ‘baked-on’ to the headlights. Using the cleaner mentioned in (1) above, ‘soak’ the adaptor and then, using a plastic windscreen ‘Ice Scraper’ tool, work your way around the residue ‘chiselling’ away at the edges. The baked-on film will break away in tiny flakes. Please be patient, as this will take some time to complete, but it does work! Continue to apply more cleaner throughout the operation. Do NOT use any form of metal scraping tool which could cause damage to polycarbonate lenses.

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